Why start a business in Stuttgart?

There are many good reasons for starting a business in Stuttgart:

1. Stuttgart lies at the heart of Europe and is therefore the perfect hub for doing business.

2. With around 4.6 million inhabitants, Stuttgart is the third largest conurbation (50 km radius) in Germany.

3. Stuttgart is an international city. Over 170 nationalities are resident in Stuttgart. Companies in the region are represented all over the world by more than 2,300 subsidiaries and have the highest export rates in Germany.

4. Stuttgart offers considerable purchasing power.

5. Stuttgart boasts a high percentage of qualified professionals and the highest number of people employed in the high-tech sector in Europe.

6. Stuttgart has a low unemployment rate.

7. According to an international study by (the monthly business magazine) "Manager Magazin" in May 2007, Stuttgart ist Germany''s no. 1 hichtech region. Except for Greater Paris, nowhere else in Europe is there a similar concentration of high tech companies as is the case in the Stuttgart region.

8. According to a March 2008 German City ranking by the daily "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" Stuttgart is no. 2.

9. Stuttgart regards itself as a European skill centre for mechanical and electrical engineering. The Stuttgart economic area produces world-beating products in the fields of machine tools, industrial lasers, high-performance electronics, and medical and environmental technology.

10. Stuttgart is home to a large number of leading international science, research and educational institutions.

11. Stuttgart is one of Germany''s leading financial centres. Stuttgart is Germany''s second most important location for insurance companies and also home to Germany''s second most important stock exchange.

12. Stuttgart is Europe''s research and development excellence centre. Every day companies invest 13 million euros in research and development - more than anywhere else in Germany.

13. Stuttgart is the city with the highest number of patent applications in Germany, and the second highest in Europe.

14. Stuttgart is a leading IT location in both Germany and Europe. IBM and HP have their German headquarters here.

15. With some 400 publishing companies and approx. 24,000 media companies, Stuttgart is one of Germany''s leading media centres.

16. High-tech, sophisticated culture and excellent quality of life are ideal conditions for long-term and successful investments.

Messe StuttgartVergrößern
Stuttgart Trade Fair. Photo LMS