Hochschule der Medien (HdM) - Stuttgart Media University

The Stuttgart Media University provides media training to both specialists and generalists. It offers 14 bachelor and seven master study programs. The courses on offer range from print, audiovisual media, informatics and information technology to advertising, media production and media studies. Currently around 3200 students are enrolled at the HdM.

Graduates from HdM work in the print and packaging industries, in publishing companies and IT companies, in advertising and production facilities for electronic and audiovisual media, in libraries and information facilities.

Merger in 2001

In 2001 the HdM was created out of a merger designed to combine the know-how of the former University for Print and Media (HDM) and the University for Library Studies and Information Technology (HBI). The HBI, established more than 60 years ago as a training center for public libraries, developed to become the biggest vocational center for junior trainees in library studies and information technology in Germany, while roots of the HDM training courses in print and media go back to the founding year of the Municipal Vocational School of 1853.

The merger of the HBI and the HDM to form the Stuttgart Media University has created one of the most attractive locations for media training. With its unique range of media degree programs, unrivalled in Europe, and all available under a single roof it is the only university to cover almost all media sectors.

Haupteingang der Hochschule der MedienVergrößern
Main entrance of the Stuttgart Media University. Photo: HdM

Lectures at two different locations

The lectures of the HdM are held at two different locations. Lectures by the Departments for Print and Media and Electronic Media are held in the main location in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. The degree programs of the Department for Information and Communication, in the building in the Wolframstraße in the center of Stuttgart, offer degree courses to students training to become information and media specialists in industry and the public sector.

Accredited and practical study courses

All degree programs of the HdM are accredited and are regularly adjusted to take account of the most current developments in this sector. The students have access to labs and studios with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Practical applied training is an essential element of all programs. A practical study semester in Germany or abroad is a key element of the curriculum. Lectures and excursions complete the practical orientation of the study courses. The university radio HoRadS and the student television Stufe offer the students numerous opportunities to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Arbeit an einer Faltschachtelklebemaschine im Verpackungstechniklabor der Hochschule der MedienVergrößern
Work at a folding and pasting machine for cardboard boxes in the packaging technology laboratory of the Stuttgart Media University. Photo: HdM

Degree programs of the HdM

Application dates

summer semester: 15 January
winter semester: 15 July