Family Card

The City of Stuttgart wants this voluntary social benefit to enable all children and young people to participate in the many recreational and educational activities in Stuttgart. The so-called participation benefit has supplemented the municipal benefit since 2011. Children and young people whose parents claim

  • Benefits in accordance with the Social Code II (SGB II)
  • Benefits in accordance with the Social Code XII (SGB XII)
  • Benefits in accordance with the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (AsylbLG)
  • Housing benefit
  • Supplementary child benefit
benefit from this.

The Family Card credit balance (FC) and the participation benefit (PB) are both stored in so-called purses (an FC-purse and PB-purse) on the Family Card. The charged card is used as a form of payment for various recreational and educational activities. The Family Card brochure (see publications) contains further information on who is entitled to the benefits of the Family Card and participation benefit, how and where you can obtain a card and which partners accept it.


Who will receive the Family Card in 2017?

  • The Family Card can be issued to children and young people in Stuttgart from birth up to and including the age of 16, i.e. up to one day before their 17th birthday. The prerequisite is that the total amount of the annual income does not exceed € 60,000.
    These are to be proven in principle by the income tax certificate from the previous year.
  • There is no income limit for families with 4 or more children. However, you must prove that you receive child benefit for at least 4 children living in your household.

What benefits does the Family Card include?

  1. A credit balance of € 60 a year per child, which can be used for various offers. The money is stored on an electronic chip and is debited using reader terminals at the acceptance points.
  2. A 20% reduction on fees for the music school and on parental contributions to the "Stadtranderholung" (Waldheim forest retreats) programme, the nationwide holiday initiative for inner-city children.
  3. A reduction on fees for daycare facilities for children. Further details can be found using the following link: Information on the reduction on fees for daycare facilities for children (PDF)
  4. The so-called participation benefit amounting to € 10 per month. This is given to children and young people under the age of 18 to participate in club, cultural or holiday activities, such as music lessons. Further information on the application conditions and eligibility requirements for the statutory participation benefit can be found at: Educational and participation benefits in Stuttgart
The Family Card brochure provides detailed information about the possible uses of the Family Card and participation benefit credit balances. FamilienCard Stuttgart (PDF - 732 KB)

Where is the Family Card available and where can it be charged up?

The Family Card is available from the Citizens' Service Centres, Civic Information Centres at the District Offices and the Office for Voluntary Services at the Social Welfare Office in Eberhardstraße 33, 70173 Stuttgart. Unfortunately, postal delivery of the Family Card is not possible.

How do I get a Family Card?

The Family Card is issued and charged up without having to make an application if you submit your 2015 income tax return or your December 2016 pay slip or your 2016 electronic certificate of income tax deductions. In addition, the Family Card is issued and charged up if you submit notification of the provision of benefits in accordance with the Social Codes II/XII (SGB II/SGB XII), the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (AsylbLG) or the Bonus Card 2016/2017.

How long does the Family Card remain valid?

The credit balance is valid for one calendar year. This cannot be accumulated for the following year.

Loss of the Family Card

If the Family Card is lost, the person in question should visit the Office for Voluntary Services in Eberhardstr. 33, 70173 Stuttgart in person during office hours. A request can be made there to block the card and a replacement card can be issued with the verified residual credit balance.

Important information

The Family Card is not transferable. However, the credit balance can also be used for family admission tickets. The sale of tickets and vouchers which have been purchased through the Family Card credit is not permitted. The State Capital Stuttgart reserves the right to withdraw the Family Card in case of misuse. If a Family Card is lost, it can be replaced only once in exceptional cases, for example in case of theft.


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