How much should I budget for office premises, staff, etc.?

Human resources costs

The annual income of white and/or blue-collar employees is determined by their qualifications and professional experience. Salaries and wages are paid regularly on a monthly basis. Depending on the sector, position, qualifications, experience and the number of hours worked a month, pay can range between 400 and several thousand euros a month. Of course these are only rough estimates. The local employment agencies will be happy to advise you on the going pay rates in specific sectors and regions.



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Premium office rents 2007. Quelle: Ellwanger & Geiger

Office and business premises costs

If you only need an office in Stuttgart for a few days or weeks, you would be best advised to contact an office services provider. Office rental depends on the size of the office, the equipment provided, and the services you require, among other factors.

If you are looking to rent offices and factory premises long-term, the following summary gives you an overview of average commercial rents.

Rents not only depend on property location but also on the services and facilities available. Offices are usually rented unfurnished.

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