Places of interest

The writer Eduard Mörike had a soft spot for Stuttgart and waxed lyrical in 1853 in his book "Stuttgarter Hutzelmännlein" about beautiful old houses and their oriels, "which stand on corners serenely as towers". Despite bombing raids and extensive devastation during the Second World War Stuttgart is full of architectural gems. The "City between forests and vines", as it was once referred to in an advertising slogan, is in fact well worth seeing and exploring.

Stuttgart is the name the Swabians gave to the paradise on earth, as the humanist Ulrich von Hutten wrote in 1519. Perhaps it was because of the vineyards, the many parks and forests? Or perhaps it was due to the Mediterranean flair of the squares and city quarters? The trick is to disclose the secret and explore the "Swabian Paradise".

Kunstmuseum StuttgartVergrößern
The Stuttgart art museum. Photo: Kunstmuseum Stuttgart/ Gonzalez