Market Hall

To open the heavy portals of the Stuttgart Market Hall is to enter an ambience which conjures up a cross between an oriental bazar and a bustling regional marketplace: The air is heavy with the smell of spices, and a plethora of different languages are spoken between the stalls and the artistically arranged piles of fresh fruit and vegetables. The art nouveau Market Hall is one of the most attractive anywhere in the world. Freshly cut flowers, fish, meat, vegetables and local produce as well as exotic fruit and spices are arrayed attractively to tempt punters over an area of 3500 square metres. And if the sight of all this delicious produce stimulates the appetite, there are three different catering establishments in the market hall offering refreshment. A gallery on the first floor affords an ideal vantage point from which to watch the lively market activity below. The Market Hall is also home to a shop specializing in exquisite articles for the home and garden.

market hallVergrößern
The Market Hall by night. Photo: City of Stuttgart


Architect Martin Elsaesser built the Market Hall between the years 1911 and 1914 to replace a former vegetable warehouse erected by the King of Württemberg in 1864. During World War II, the Market Hall was destroyed and then rebuilt. By 1953 it had been completely restored. 20 years later, the building was listed as historical monument. Following a fire in 1993, the entire interior of the Market Hall had to be renovated.

Colourful stalls and lively trade in the Market Hall.Vergrößern
Colourful stalls and lively trade in the Market Hall. Photo: Stuttgart Marketing

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