Altes Schloss - Old Palace

Together with the neighbouring Collegiate Church, the Old Palace (Altes Schloss) is the city's most ancient remaining monument. Parts of the foundation walls date back to the 10th Century, when the palace was constructed as a simple moated fortress in the year 941. More than once over its eventful history it has been rebuilt, besieged and destroyed by war.  During the 16th Century, a Renaissance palace grew up out of the former moated fortress. The greater part of the building was reduced to dust and rubble in intensive air raids on Stuttgart in the summer of 1944. The rebuilding of the Old Palace took until 1969.

Since 1948, the Old Palace, itself a symbol of Wüttemberg's state history, has housed the Landesmuseum Württemberg, the outstanding state history museum. The Palace Chapel, which was constructed in the mid 16th Century, is among one of South Germany's oldest Protestant places of worship.

The Old Palace by nightVergrößern
The Old Palace by night. Photo: Stuttgart Marketing

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