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The Man Who Sold His Skin

24. November 2022

Filmvorführung im Rahmen des Afrika Film Festivals

The Man who sold his skin

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STORYLINE: Sam Ali, a Syrian young man, took refuge in Lebanon to flee the Syrian civil war. There, he meets Jeffrey Godefroi, a famous tattoo artist, who makes Mr Ali's back his canvas for a piece of work. Soon, Mr Ali becomes aliving work of art, worth an astronomical sum on the art market,l. Collectors are interested, auction goes up, human rights activists are outraged. Mr Ali must get out of the predicament he's in.

Kaouther Ben Hania was visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris in 2012 which at the time was devoting a retrospective to Belgium artist Wim Delvoye. There she saw, in Napoleon III Apartments, Delvoye's Tim, (2006 - 08) in which the artist had tattooed the back of Tim Steiner, who was sitting on an armchair with his shirt off displaying Delvoye's design. The piece was sold to a German art collector and Tim is contractually obliged to spend a certain amount of time, topless and sitting still, in a gallery every year. Wim Delvoye appears in the movie as the insurance guy.

The Man Who Sold His Skin was nominated for Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards.

Curiosities: in English the title of the film is "The Man who sold his skin", but in the Arabic version the title was translated as "The man who sold his back".

Spielfilm, Regie: Kaouther Ben Hania, Tunesien 2020, OF m. dt. UT, 104 min.

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