How do I obtain a visa, residence and work permits?

The regulations concerning entry into or staying in Germany vary considerably depending on your country of origin. The main difference is between citizens of EU/EEA states and citizens of non-EU states.


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Foreigners from other states

Foreigners from other states need to optain a visa prior to entering Germany with a valid passport. Thanks to international agreements designed to make it easier for individuals to be self-employed, citizens of some countries are exempt from this requirement. This applies to the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Unites States of America, and the CEECS agreement with Romania and Bulgaria.

Visa application forms and additional information can be obtained from your local German embassy or consulate-general. For a list of German diplomatic offices abroad and their addresses please contact the German Foreign Office.

The German Foreign Office in the Web:

Visa, residence and work permits

Should you have any residence permit queries, please contact the Stuttgart Aliens Registration Office directly. You can also obtain more information from the German Foreign Office.