How do I find suitable offices, warehousing and production sites?

The Business Development team of the state capital Stuttgart is happy to help you find offices, factory premises and/or warehousing.

The Team: Stuttgart Economic Development Staff

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Indian Business Center

There is an Indian Business Center especially for Indian companies. The Indian Business Center provides Indian companies with fully furnished offices which they may rent at affordable rates for the initial period in Germany. The Indian Business Center also assists companies in the relocation process.

  • Indian Business Center                                                                  Oskar-Lapp-Straße 2, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany  

            Mr Matthias Fillibeck
            Managing Director
            phone: +49 711 7838-3590
            fax: +49 711 7838-863590

Arab Business Center

In May 2007 an Arab Business Center offering relocation support and offices to Arab companies also opened in Stuttgart.