Rail project Stuttgart - Ulm

Today's rail link between Stuttgart and Ulm via Plochingen, Göppingen and Geislingen an der Steige is in operation since 1850. However, it is no longer equal to the demands of modern rail traffic. With the rail project Stuttgart - Ulm, 'The new heart of Europe', the Deutsche Bahn AG, the province of Baden-Württemberg, the Verband Region Stuttgart, Stadt Stuttgart, the Federal Government and the European Union implement of Europe's most innovative and extensive rail projects.

The essential redesign of the Stuttgart rail junction with the airport connection as well as the new high-speed link between Wendlingen (Neckar) and Ulm belong to the most important infrastructure projects in Baden-Württemberg. The country, region and Stuttgart city gains access to an infrastructure equal to demands of the 21st century.

Bahnprojekt Stuttgart - Ulm - Das neue Herz Europas

Subproject Stuttgart 21

A total of 60 kilometres of new track and three new stations (Stuttgart main station, airport/exhibition centre station as well as the S-Bahn station Mittnachtstraße am neuen Rosensteinviertel) guarantee that Stuttgart junction will be even more efficient. Stuttgart main station will be changed from a head station to a transit railway station. The historic station building with its main building, the tower and arcades will be integrated in the new main station.

The region south of the State Capital gains access to intercity rail traffic and regional traffic through the new airport/exhibition centre station connection. There are unique perspectives for city development in Stuttgart: A new city quarter arises where platforms today cut through the city. In the heart of Stuttgart space is created for more green, for new apartments and jobs.

Neuer DurchgangsbahnhofVergrößern
Visualisation of the new transit railway station. Graphic: Aldinger & Wolf

Subproject new rail link Wendlingen - Ulm

The new rail link between Wendlingen (Neckar) and Ulm is the new high-speed track along the A8 motorway. It provides a fast and comfortable route over the Swabian Alb.

Regional, national and international journey times will be significantly shorter. Baden-Württemberg will be permanently connected to the European high-speed network - the main axis between Paris and Bratislava/Budapest.

Stuttgart 21 - ÜberblickVergrößern
Routeing of new rail project. Graphic: DB AG


The rail project's official internet portal informs visitors about all construction activities, route sections, the project partners and the city-planning-based importance of this 'project of the century':

Information centre 'Turmforum Bahnprojekt Stuttgart - Ulm'

The 'Turmforum Bahnprojekt Stuttgart - Ulm' is the information centre in the station tower. The exhibition presents the rail project vividly and understandably on several floors with the help of multimedia technology, complex models and interactive presentations.

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Pro Stuttgart 21

The initiators of ProStuttgart21 bundle the support for Stuttgart 21 and provide advocates with a common platform for presentation, information and communication: