Porsche Museum

The new Porsche Museum was opened at the beginning of 2009. The futuristic building's exhibition area rests on three concrete pillars and, as a consequence, creates the impression that it hovers. Eighty vehicles are on display - and also about another 200 smaller exhibits.

Automobile colour splashes need no introduction

Porsche realised what would not have been possible several years ago, since construction materials and engineering knowledge were still in their infancy, with the architects Delugan Meissel: A bold design, a hovering structure houses the exhibition and at 35,000 tonnes weighs almost as much as the Eifel Tower in Paris. The majority of the interior is finished in black and white - the only splashes of colour are the sporty and historical runabouts.

The exhibition concept originates from the architects HG Merz. Porsche allows the cars to speak for themselves and therefore forgoes a staged world of adventure. Also, visitors find no barriers and their like throughout the exhibition. Porsche presents a "rolling museum". Almost every vehicle on display is ready-to-roll and is delivered to street level by a car elevator in order to participate in historical races for instance.

Cars as splashes of colour.Vergrößern
Cars as splashes of colour. Photo: Posche AG

Three ways to discover the Porsche history

How the exhibition space, in the structural sense, also bases the museum's content related structure on three supporting columns: The Porsche company's product history listed chronologically along the wall acts as guide.

This is divided into two sections starting with the forefather of all Porsche automobile's the legendary type 64: Porsche before 1948 and after 1948, the year of origin of the first Porsche 356. To be seen in parallel to this are the most important vehicles, prominent race results and technical innovations.

Visitors revel at the sound of Porsche via sound showers.Vergrößern
Visitors revel at the sound of Porsche via sound showers. Photo: Porsche AG

In addition: Archive and workshop

The Porsche archive and a special workshop for historic vehicles are also housed alongside the exhibition in the new building. Standing alongside classic cars from the Porsche depot in the workshop, which is visible through a glazed wall, are also those of private customers who want their cars restored or maintained.

The building appears to hover.Vergrößern
The building appears to hover. Photo: Porsche AG

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