Special permit for traffic ban for diesel vehicles

From 1 January 2019 a year-round traffic prohibition shall apply in the Stuttgart environmental zone for all vehicles with diesel motors with the emission standard Euro 4 / IV and lower. For residents of the city of Stuttgart a transitional period shall apply until 31 March 2019. From 1 April 2019 they will also be subject to the traffic ban.

As a general rule, the following participants shall not be subject to the traffic ban

  • Commercial delivery vehicles
  • The Police
  • The fire brigade
  • Rescue services
  • People with certain disabilities
  • Medical emergencies
PLEASE NOTE: road users affected by these general exemptions do not require a special permit on a case-by-case basis! Individual exemptions shall be granted in justifiable cases. The mere fact of working in Stuttgart shall not be sufficient to be granted a special permit.

For further information on the subject special permits related to the diesel ban go to:

Where and how to apply for a special permit?

From 3 December 2018 a special permit can be applied for at the Office for Public Order of the City of Stuttgart. There are different ways of making an application:
The online procedure is the quickest and most convenient way to make the application: https://service.stuttgart.de/lhs-services/ag-diesel-verkehrsverbot

The application can also be submitted personally at the Office for Public Order at Jägerstraße 14, 70174 Stuttgart.
In the case of queries, contact us directly:

  • Via e-mail verkehrsverbot@stuttgart.de
  • By phone under +49 711 216-32120
  • By mail to Office for Public Order, Jägerstraße 14, 70174 Stuttgart
Office hours
  • Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Thursdays: also from 2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Information as to the application

If you wish to apply personally, please bring along the following documents:

 Further supporting documents certificates may be required:
Private individuals: Traders:  Further forms: In the case of a positive decision the applicant will receive the special exemption from the diesel ban by mail. In the case of queries the municipal staff members will contact the applicant using his/her contact details provided.

Requirements for a special permit

The Clean Air Programme includes justifiable exceptions from the traffic ban for diesel vehicles. Some of the exceptions have been regulated in general. Here, the road users do not require an additional special permit. In other cases a special permit must be applied for.

General conditions for granting a special permit:

  • The vehicle is classified in emission class 4 (green sticker)
  • For the purpose of the journey the vehicle owner has no alternative vehicle registered in his/her name
  • The vehicle was first registered in the owner's name before 1 January 2019
The applicants shall only be granted special permits in justified cases. The mere fact of working in Stuttgart is not sufficient for a special permit.

If required for the public benefit or the protection of prevailing and urgent individual interests, the following special permits may be granted:

Drives for providing the population with essential services, in particular:
  • For the maintenance and repair of operating technical plants
  • For the remedy of building damages including the elimination of water, gas and electrical damages
  • For social and care services
  • Emergency, support and supply vehicles of public local transport
Drives with the following vehicles or for the following purposes:
  • Special vehicles with high-acquisition costs and low mileage, such as cranes and the like (provided that they are not registered as machines), heavy-duty vehicles, showmen's towing vehicles and vehicles with fixed superstructures/installations used as a workplace (vehicles with technical features due to their specific purpose, such as monitoring cars, special media vehicles)
  • Vehicles in regular transport such as buses of SSB
  • Starting and destination trips of touring coaches
  • Trips with mobile homes for leisure purposes
Essential regular doctor's appointments, e.g. for patients who cannot use local public transport:
  • Persons driving to work on a shift basis who cannot use local public transport

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