Stuttgart provides strong cluster networks

  • Mobility
Today, the region where the automobil was born is still one of the world´s leading automotive centers. As Daimler AG´s Chariman of the Board says "We invented the automobile once before, now we´re re-inventing it." So we can say, with our large manufacturers and system suppliers of world renown companies such as Bosch, Porsche and Daimler, the city of Stuttgart is synonymous with mobility. Almost 180,000 people are employed in the regional automotive industry. Stuttgart University is home ot leading research centers and faculties in this field. The German Aerospace Ceneter (DLR) operates its own institute there for innovative vehicle concepts, focusing on new materials, light-weight sesign and emission-free proppulsion system. Since April 2012 the Stuttgart Region has been one of the four electro-mobility show cases sponsored by the German government. 
The automotive cluster plays a key part in the Stuttgart Region. With its world-renowned manufacturers and system suppliers, plus many very competitive medium-sized component suppliers, the value-added chain is almost represented in its entirety in the Region. The Stuttgart Region automotive cluster spreads throughout the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

  • Mechanical engineering
With innovative high-tech products and services Stuttgart is the location for future technologies. In the European Centre of Excellence for mechanical and electrical engineering leading products are manufactured: machine tools, industrial lasers, high-performance electronics, products for medical and environmental technology. The cluster not only comprises worldwide leading scientific and research facilities but also planning and consulting enterprises.

  • Financial Sector
Stuttgart is one of the leading financial centres in Germany with the second largest stock exchange in Germany and the seat of leading institutes in the insurance and building society sectors. The Stuttgart Stock Exchange is, behind Frankfurt, the leading trading centre in Germany.The Stuttgarter Börse is also the European market leader in the securitized derivatives segment. Around 100 companies belong to the local finance cluster.
With the Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg the State Capital has the largest and the most profitable public bank and savings bank in Germany, with the L-Bank the largest development bank and with the headquarters of more than 100 banks, it is the third largest financial centre in Germany. The Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG has its worldwide second largest base in Stuttgart. LBS Baden-Wuerttemberg is one of the largest building societies in Germany.
Environmental Technologies
Universities, research institues, multi-national companies and start-ups characterise the Stuttgart Region Clean Energy Cluster. Over 300 firms have joined the region's cluster including numerours craftsmen, architects, engineers and consultants. The Cluster has become one of the strongest in state and mechanical and plant engineering companies have recognised the enormous potential in the future behind combining commercial and environmental interests.

  • Media and creative industries
Stuttgart is more than a production site for world-renowned car factories - it's also on of the creative hotspots in Germany. Over 10,000 businesses work in the creative sector and also numerous educational institutions in the fields of media, ICT, art and culture round up the profile of this innovative sector. The region is a traditional centre of publishing and is also known for its visionary advertising agencies, designers and architectural firms. Stuttgart overall has a strong presence of architects, including numerous institutions of architecture. Film animation and event planning are not to underestimate, too. The Stuttgart Media University for example has an excellent reputation worldwide.

  • Aerospace
The Stuttgart Regioon leadls the fild in aerospace in southern Germany. More than 40 percent of people employed in the German aerospace industry Aerospace has a long tradition in the Stuttgart Region. Only very few locations offer such a dense and diversified network of large corporations and medium-sized aerospace enterprises, universities and research institutes. 25 percent of the Baden-Wuerttemberg companies and 80 percent of the research institutes are based here. The concentration of companies operating internationally in the satellite communication sector in and around Backnang is quite unique in in Baden-Württemberg - 80 percent of the research institutions are based in the Stuttgart Region.

  • Startup region
And since some years Stuttgart develops more and more to a startup region. We offer coworking spaces, startup centers, different accelerator programms, a startup-szene, events and networking space for the scene.