Neues Schloss - New Palace

The New Palace (Neues Schloss) stands proudly at the heart of the State Capital Stuttgart. This late Baroque building was one of the last big city palaces to be built in Southern Germany, and is reminiscent of the magnificent French palaces of the 17th Century.

It was Duke Karl Eugen who commissioned architects Nikolaus Friedrich Thouret, Leopold Retti and Philippe da la Guepière as well as Reinhard Ferdinand Heinrich Fischer to construct the three-winged palace complex along the lines of the celebrated Palace of Versailles between the years 1746 and 1807.

The residence of the Kings of Württemberg was destroyed in World War II and later rebuilt. Today, the New Palace houses the Ministries of Financial Affairs and Education, and is also used by the State Government to receive important visitors and for state occasions.

The New PalaceVergrößern
The New Palace. Photo: Stuttgart Marketing

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